VoIP Phone Service Pricing For Small Businesses

VoIP Phone Service – what is VoIP Phone Service and how does it benefit your business? VoIP Phone Service, also known as IP Telephony, is a communication protocol that enables voice communications over IP networks. VoIP is a great choice for small businesses who need low cost VoIP Phone Service without the high price tag. VoIP Phone Services for Business can provide low cost or free VoIP Phone Services for small and medium-sized businesses in order to keep the budget lean for more essential areas of the business.

VoIP Phone Service

Summary: What is VoIP Phone Service and how does it benefit my business? VoIP Phone Service provides a streamlined connection for voice and data communications, while using the most cost-effective data services available today. VoIP technology enables you to make or receive phone calls from computers, mobile devices and the Web. VoIP works with any broadband Internet connection and is available at no extra cost. VoIP Phone Services for Business provides low-cost VoIP Phone Services for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as free VoIP calling plans for students and other consumers.

The most significant advantage to VoIP Phone Service is the fact that it can replace your conventional phone system. VoIP Phone Service providers offer several advanced features that can be very useful for small-to-medium sized businesses. Some of these features include: call recording, call screening, call transferring, find me follow me call forwarding, call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding, music on hold, voicemail, fax to email, call transfer, auto attendant and more. VoIP Phone Services for Business is also very affordable, which is a major advantage if you are starting a small business or already have one.

There are various VoIP Phone Service providers in the market. It is important to compare VoIP Phone Service pricing to ensure that you are getting the best service plan at the best price. To help you in your comparison shopping, here is a brief look at the common pricing structures for VoIP small business phone services:

A basic plan usually offers limited features. However, some VoIP Phone Service providers include advanced features for an extra fee. Some examples include: virtual phone systems, call conferencing, call forwarding, call waiting, fax to email and many more. Depending on your VoIP Phone Service provider, these additional features may be offered for free with basic plans or required to be purchased along with your basic plan.

Another major difference between VoIP Phone Service pricing for residential and small business VoIP Phone Systems is the calling area. For residential VoIP Phone Systems, the calling area is limited to the area code of the consumer’s residential phone number. However, for small business VoIP Phone Systems, the calling area extends up to 15 miles from the hosted VoIP facility. The added distance is called “local calling area” and can be used for local and long distance calls.

The VoIP Phone Service pricing structure for VoIP Phone Systems varies according to the number of features that are provided and the pricing per user per month. Advanced features such as video, music, and software download charges are billed per user per month. This means if you subscribe to a year long unlimited usage plan, VoIP Phone Service will cost you $9.95 a month. Similarly, the higher the number of users per year, the higher VoIP Phone Service rates apply. Hence, for a medium sized business VoIP Phone Service plan, pricing could range from a low single digit cost to over ten digits for yearly plans. There are no yearly fees involved for Voice over Internet Protocol based phone services, such as Skype.

VoIP Phone Service is very useful for small businesses and people working at home. VoIP Phone Service allows them to take advantage of a large pool of inexpensive long distance carriers, thereby significantly reducing the out-of-pocket expenses. VoIP Phone Service allows the user to send voice and data messages at very affordable rates. Hence, it is a good choice for small businesses as well as individuals.